Get Your Learners Licence. It’s The Best Way To Fast Track Your Success.

Style, elegance and peace of mind are just a few of the words that people will use when they know that you’re behind the wheel.

Passing your learners licence in South Africa is the first step to independence for many young South Africans. As you are able to apply for your leaners from the age of 16, it is often the first time that young people are able to make decisions for themselves and take proactive steps towards securing their independence. As many South Africans lack the means for purchasing their own vehicles, even once they have a driver’s licence, the learners permit also symbolises hope that one these goals might be achieved.

In South Africa there are many obstacles to getting your learners licence which makes passing your learners quite an achievement and definitely something that you want to get right the first time.

Some of the issues:
1) It is quite a lot of money for the average South African to pay
2) There are very few test centres which makes getting a booking very difficult and inconvenient as there the test center may be located far away.
3) The test questions themselves are not straight forward and you have to get a very high percentage of the questions correct in order to pass.
4) The learners licence test may not be available in your mother tongue, most test centers only off the test in English, Afrikaans, Zulu or Xhosa which makes it difficult for non-native speakers to understand the questions.
5) The best way to pass is to use the K53 test book which will have to be purchased from a book store, and, to increase your chances of passing the test, it is also advisable to sign up for free tests online to practice the questions.


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