Top 6 Reasons for License Suspension

Each state has a list of reasons for eventual or immediate driver’s license suspension, but we’ve collected six of the most common reasons a driver ends up with a suspended license.

license suspension

1. Point Accumulation

Most states have a point system that assigns points to both minor and major traffic offenses. Once a driver reaches a certain number of points within a predetermined time period, he ends up with a suspended license.

License suspension for point accumulation usually lasts for a predetermined time period, the length of which depends on the number of points.

2. Repeat Violations

Generally, repeat violations (also called habitual offenses) refer to racking up a certain number of specific violations within a specific time frame.

For example, several states suspend licenses after drivers commit a certain number of reckless driving offenses (usually two or three) within a specific time frame (usually 12 months to three years).

NOTE: Depending on your state, you could receive a “habitual offender” status for getting a certain number of convictions within a certain time period, regardless of the specific violations.

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